Installation of Black Mock-Tudor UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Barge-Boards and PVC Guttering to a 1930’s Detached Bungalow in Ewell, Surrey.

Here is an example of a roofline project that involved the replacement of the fascias, soffits, guttering and barge-boards at this detached, 1930’s bungalow in Ewell, Surrey.

Project Detail

Project Duration: 3 Days

Location: Ewell, Surrey

Project Scope

  • Black Mock-Tudor UPVC Barge-Boards
  • Black UPVC Fascias and Sealed Soffits
  • Black PVC Half-Round Guttering

Project Tasks

  • Removal of the old cast iron guttering system
  • Removal of the wooden fascias, soffits and barge-boards therefore exposing the roof rafters
  • Removal of the barge-boards on gable ends
  • The inspection of rafter feet and repaired as necessary.
  • Repair pointing to tiled verge on gable end.
  • Installed ridged eves fascia tray to ensure all rainwater flows into gutter.
  • Installation of 35 meters of timber backed ( with 9mm Swish Balck uPVC ) Fascia Board, Barge Board and Mock Tudor Beams
  • Installation of 10 meters of un-vented 9mm white uPVC soffit board.
  • Installation of 10 meters of black half-round Terrain guttering
  • Installation of 2 x 2.5 meter down pipes
  • Removal of Building Debris
  • Final Site Cleanse

Project Description

The project began with the removal of the old cast-iron guttering system and wooden fascias, soffits and barge-boards. We then inspected the rafter feet, checking for rot or damage and repaired where necessary. We then removed the barge-boards from the gable ends and carried out repairs to the tiled verge on gable end. Next we installed a ridged eves fascia tray to ensure that all rainwater flowed into the new guttering system. We then installed 35 meters of timber backed fascia and barge board which had a 9mm black uPVC protection layer. Next we installed 10 meters of un-vented 9mm black uPVC soffit board. Finally we installed the new guttering system. This involved fitting 10 meters of black half-round Terrain guttering. We then removed the scaffold, building debris and cleansed the site.


Using black UPVC fascia boards and soffits ensured that the original character of this bungalow was retained. The customer was pleased that it was difficult to tell that this was actually UPVC and not timber. They were also delighted that they would not need to paint or maintain the installation in the future.

Our customers were extremely complementary about the overall appearance and our workmanship and agreed to leave us an and left us an excellent review.